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Democracy 4: Variable slider costs…

An experiment for Democracy 4. The game now differentiates between <10%, <25% and larger policy slider moves with differing political capital amounts, indicated on the slider by red/green if achievable right now. Very happy with this :D. #smallerchangesareeasier

It makes sense that a 5% tweak to income tax (just an example) is easier to get agreed than a 50% rise or cut, and it also makes people stop and think about the various positions they can put sliders on some of the smaller and less dramatic policies. I think the green/red lines surrounding the chunks on the slider are self explanatory?

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  1. Looks amazing! The raise/lower cost being the same regardless of the magnitude of the change always struck me as odd.

    By the way, I believe you mentioned in one of your video blogs that you removed the link between year and policies such as Average Temperature. While I much prefer this over the way it is in D3, it recently occurred to me that a similar effect could be achieved without creating an inevitably unsolvable problem.
    Using an expression in the form of a^(-year) + b, where a < -1 and b is the limit, would create an effect that increases over time but slows down and is capped at b.

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