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Positech’s Cameroon School #2 photo update

As you might know from previous blog posts, in partnership with the charity ‘Building schools for Africa‘. we have funded the construction of two schools in Cameroon. The first one was completed ages ago, and the new one should be opened real soon. Here are some new pictures:

To recap earlier posts: ” The project is just the three classrooms, an office, a latrine with hand washing facilities, 27 benches to seat 54-81 children (depending on their age and size!) and 3 tables and chairs for the teachers, tools and seeds for the school garden, project management and monitoring costs. ” Cost to us: about £24,000.

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  1. By the way, what is the development status of “democracy 4”? In what countries can I play?
    Also, I want to support not only ipad but also iphone.

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