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Production Line leaves Early Access tomorrow! (new trailer)

My super-complex spreadsheet which I use to track the spending and income for my latest game (Production Line) informs me that I have been working on it for 3.12 years, and have spent a (very roughly estimated) total of 9,115 dev hours on it. The game is leaving early access tomorrow!

In truth I have probably spent a lot more hours than that, as I tend to overwork, and spend a lot of time in evenings checking forums and reddit/facebook etc to reply to people, but anyway you look at it, 3.12 years seems to be quite a long time to work alone as the only coder and designer on a game.

Bizarrely, I am still very much enjoying the games development, and have a list of extra things I would like to tweak and improve after release. In many ways the decision that the game is ‘released’ is a purely arbitrary one. In marketing terms it encourages people who dislike the state of most EA games to try the game out, and it also signals a potential slowing down in the addition of new features.

I still have a lot of ideas for stuff that could be added to the game, and I suspect we will have some paid DLC once the dust has settled. I wont rehash my pro-DLC arguments here, but I’m in believer in it both as a developer and a gamer. Why will DICE not sell me panther tank DLC for Battlefield V? TAKE MY MONEY. (also new hats please!)

Speaking from a personal point of view.. I am TIRED. I’ve felt like it for a while, and I think I do need a brief period where I scale down my work slightly. We are currently working on Democracy 4 (I’m not coding on it), and helping to manage that is an imminent concern. I currently have NO PLANS for any other game after Production Line (as a coder), so I’m pretty free (assuming it sells ok) to relax for a bit.

While I relax (Maybe for an HOUR!), here is the new launch trailer for Production Line. I really enjoyed getting this made. I hope you like it :D

Oh and if you have suddenly decided to buy the game, you get a steam key and we get 95% of the money if you buy using the widget below!

3 thoughts on Production Line leaves Early Access tomorrow! (new trailer)

  1. Hi, I’m a Chinese fan of your games. Big Pharma is awesome and Democracy 3 is definitely a great game which should be played by everyone. I spent some time reading your websites and I found that you have a strong personality and you want to make your own great games. I worked for a game publisher in China, named Whispergames Interactive and I was the QA manager. Now I want to start my own business and establish a Studio, it will focus on the Simplified Chinese localization and SC LQA for PC games. To be honest, the Studio is not officailly established right now, so I’m wondering if you’re interested in a professional Simplified Chinese game localization partner. Of course, you can email to me to ask for some cases. And by the way, for Production Line, I’m willing to lead my team to do the Simplified Chinese localization for free as long as you’re willing to add us to the Credits when we successfully set up our Studio lol. Looking forward to cooperating with a real PC gamer like you.
    (I’m sorry, I couldn’t find your email address after reading that paragraph lol, so I leave my comment here)

    Best Regards,

  2. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and I wanted to thank you. It’s devs like you that have really helped inspire me to follow my dream of making games. The fact that you created Production Line on your own in under four years blows my tiny mind. I’ve been working in the game’s industry for nearly 15 years, in various roles (QA Management, Product Management, Games Producer) for big and small devs/publishers, and throughout this time I’ve always wanted to make my own game but felt it was an unrealistic dream. Reading through your blog shows me this is something that I could potentially achieve, but over time.

    I really look forward to playing Production Line soon, I love the videos I’ve seen so far. I wish your new title great success!



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