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Production Line 1.16 is here at last!

Wow, this one took a while, and involved a lot of work, but 1.16 is now live. I screwed it up, so if you grabbed it in the first 12 hours or so, re-grab it, as I had a bug that made cars process about 1/10th the speed of normal… ooops. Naturally I did a video talking about the new stuff…so here it is:

I’m really pleased to have finally got a second body type in there (SUV). Actually *doing* this, rather than just talking about it and planning for it had unearthed a huge amount of under-the-hood nonsense that I needed to change, tweak and make more flexible, but the good news is that now the game has multiple body types, adding future ones (we plan on a compact car next) should be a lot quicker and less hassle.

As its a new version, we now have a new ‘priorities poll’, and you can see the priorities of players on my priorities database table on this page. Here is a summary so far:

Which is interesting, and probably depressing for artists and sound effects people, because it shows that for games in this genre, gamers just don’t care about the shiny stuff. What they want are cool systems, lots of options, lots of stuff to play with. And that suits me fine because I am a coder first and foremost, and one who loves complexity, so this is the ideal; answer for me. Because I am aware that this is only a poll of the pre-order hardcore, I *have* arranged for better music (some went in to 1.16) and upcoming GUI graphics revamp, so it wont get completely ignored :D

There will be likely NO VIDEO next weekend as its just before I go on holiday (yes I know…amazing right), but I hope to be back the weekend after to talk about what goes in this week. In other news, if you are a modern tech worker who isn’t getting stuff done you could do worse than read this book. I also found this film pretty funny. BTW Big Pharma is 75% off for a few hours more, and Political Animals is on sale this week on steam.

6 thoughts on Production Line 1.16 is here at last!

    1. Forgot the game doesn’t auto-update. Duh.

      And here I am, the first to complain when a game updates itself without telling me.

      Thanks for the quick reply, love the game!

  1. Could we get a ‘lockout’ on the resource importers? Tell them they’re not allowed to import certain things?

    1. I’ll elaborate- to “Make Engine Assembly”, you need valves and engine blocks. I’m trying to manufacture both.

      -The engine block assembly in and out next to each other, which means that output will be connected to the resource importer.
      -The valve production doesn’t line up perfectly with the engine assembly production (this is a good thing, adds to the dynamic of the game). This means that, while overall I am producing enough valves, sometimes the assemblers will simultaneously call for valves and there won’t be enough. So I added a stockpile to make sure that there always is.
      -The fact that the stockpile is connected to the input of the assemblers means that it is also connected to the output of the engine block assembly, which is connected to the importer.
      -When the valve maker runs out of valves and the stockpiles need more valves, they have access to the importer, which imports more valves, instead of waiting for more valves from the valve maker.

      I want to lockout valve importing from the resource importer so that the stockpiles will only take valves from my own valve maker.

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