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Production Line video blog #21 thinking about engines.

I talk a little about it in this video, but will blog about it properly soon. basically I want a separate system for putting together engines, but do not want to overcomplicate matters, or for that matter…under complicate them. Interested to know peoples thoughts on this. Also I remain excited about new car body designs, they can’t come soon enough :D. I should blog about promoting and marketing PL at some point too…its definitely something I have not done much work on yet.

5 thoughts on Production Line video blog #21 thinking about engines.

  1. OTT: I was wondering, what is your opinion on people using trainers (heck, even paying for them) or cheats? Are you okay with it? Because it seems like some developers are cool while others aren’t.

      1. Oh wow! That’s cool. Because Production line was pretty popular on the trainer (they only work on single-player games/or a single-player component of a game) site. Only premium members can use credits to “fund” a trainer (if it wasn’t already done), to be created. A lot of games that aren’t Triple AAA, and could make use of trainers couldn’t even get halfway funded, but Production line is completely funded, which means that once your game is officially released, a trainer will be available almost immediately to use.

        I wonder if it means, people are finding your game challenging, and desire the help? Not to mention, it seems your game is kind of popular.

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