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Production Line now in alpha with pre-orders. OMGZ

So here is the exciting and thrilling alpha video for you to enjoy:

And you can now grab a copy, should you desire, from the humble widget. its a straight $10 to pre-order the game, you get immediate alpha access, and all future builds including final. Its an early alpha, so consider yourself warned. there are a load more disclaimers on the buy page which is here, or you can just use this exciting widget:

We have forums set up to discuss the game here. Registering is easy as you should be able to use Facebook/Google and twitter as I recall…not sure. Anyway…feel free to post comments here if you prefer. Anyone who wants to do a youtube video, go for it I’m not fussed about that, although I’m not promoting it directly with promo copies yet (that will come later). BTW The forums include a poll where you can vote on my development priorities :D

This is the first totally new IP and Idea I have had for first-party games since….well Gratuitous Space Battles I guess (GTB was a bit of a sideways move), so that my first attempt to work out if I really know what I’m doing in about 7-8 years so…no pressure.


I’m not doing any press stuff until I’m confident the build is ok, but if press cover it, then thats a bonus. I’m definitely in this game’s development for the long haul so I am not in a rush to get it in front of everyone’s face just yet.

2 thoughts on Production Line now in alpha with pre-orders. OMGZ

  1. Any place where we can submit bugs to?

    For example one I noticed is when switching full screen toggle on and off it gets the width and heights switched so it is a very narrow column instead of the other way, had to go to prefs file to switch it back before I could continue since in that view it cut off the menu buttons to change it back. And then it wasn’t really non full screen.

    Understand this might not be built yet but just a heads up.

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