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Production Line blog video#7: BIGGER factories, sounds, and some gui stuff.

Trying to get Production Line close to an alpha release for people means doing a lot of relatively tedious stuff like resolution pickers on options screens, proper save game support, and so on. I still need some vague tutorialish stuff in there, and a host of minor bugĀ  fixes before I even consider letting real early-adopter hardcore types try the game, but I am definitely making real progress in that direction.

Here is the latest video:

There is always something dodgy that has just gone in when you release a video, and this time its a mish-mash of factory sounds that er a bit ‘overpowering’ and not right. Still…better to have something rather than just a weird silence, or all those 1900s hammering noises I had in beforehand :D I’m also slowly working towards a better video presentation. I keep getting a glitch on my webcam which is I think because I was setting it to record at 1920 res, when I only use it for that bit in the corner, so hopefully shrinking that means I will have less demand on the video card and a smoother image next time. I am still really new to youtube, but at least I have a regular schedule I can tempt people to subscribe to now.

BTW Democracy 3 and Big Pharma are currently in the Humble Tycoon simulator bundle, which you may wish to check out:



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  1. Man you work fast. I can’t wait to try it out.
    BTW you don’t need to code tutorials for the Alpha release. I personally like experimenting anyway so if it means getting the alpha 2-3 weeks earlier I would still get it.

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