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Production line devlog #6: sparks and supply cache GUIs

A few random things went into the latest build of production line this week. I was working away on the GUI for the supply cache wossnames when I got the first sparks animations so I put a test one in (others coming soon), which swallowed up a lot of time. I also fixed some proper zoom-out colors, fixed a disappearing pallets bug, did a fair bit of optimising and also fixed the game so I can quit to the main menu and launch/load a new game without any crashes, which makes things feel slightly more usable. There is also a bunch of new visual assets in there, but I don’t show them off in this video, namely some new pieces of machinery for making stuff, a coffee machine & water cooler for the admin guys, a sofa for the marketing team, and so on.

I’ll be polishing, bug fixing and tweaking in the next week.

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4 thoughts on Production line devlog #6: sparks and supply cache GUIs

  1. Hi, what my fun would seem is that you must purchase the stock.
    and that those at the factory is delivered.

    on pallets. on these pallets than for example boxes.
    and that by an animation.
    When this almost on. You then need to buy new.
    and that you can choose from different quality of stock.

    What also determined the cost of the vehicles leave the factory.
    This idea comes off a bit of Free Enterprise game. free old game

  2. Hi Cliff,

    Looking good so far! FWIW, I think having the proportional sliders on the stockpile’s would be good, possibly only once you’ve allocated up to capacity – maybe something to play with. On a related note, do stockpiles etc. have an absolute capacity or is it proportional based on component sizes – e.g. an entire engine would take up more storage space than a steering wheel, perhaps.

    Going back to a comment on an earlier post – have you thought any more about the mission/sandbox approach? Really like the concept from the videos, but (for me) it wouldn’t be particularly compelling unless there were more defined missions to complete, just my two penneth.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Missions are definitely planned, as well as keeping a pure open sandbox mode or two.
      At the moment all the components are the same size in terms of stockpiles, to keep things from getting overcomplex.

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