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Things are actually getting better.

I know its trendy to moan and complain about life, and the government, and how things are SO BAD and are GETTING Worse. I used to do this when I was 16 too. Then years later you look back on life then and realize things are definitely NOT getting worse, and it was a combination of selective news-reading / alcohol / puberty / political bias that makes you think that way.

Everyone who is young thinks things are getting worse and they have never been this bad. In the UK at least…that’s probably not true. I’m not saying the UK is perfect, far from it! But I took the time to research some stats, and went only to official stats sources, no spin or selective reporting. here is what I found.






So not everything is bad! Remember to look at the big picture when you think ‘things are getting worse, its never been so bad!’. Everyone thinks that in the short term.

See…I can do optimism. I just generally choose not to :D

2 thoughts on Things are actually getting better.

  1. Hey Cliffski, an “Ola” here from Brazil. I totally agree with you. You said that everyone who is young think this way and so, but in this point I don’t agree because I am 22 years old and I really don’t think this way, in fact what I complain about is about people around me complaining… I really dislike it… It is just you take a look some years in the past and you’ll see it… I will have to say you that here in my home is exactly the opposite, I am the one who just wanna live in a “smooth” way, while my mom is going crazy. I am not this way, I really have problems with people who pass all time just talking talking … I understand when you say that young people do that way, and now thinking better about it, I have problems with friends and cousins, I really prefer stay here at home, with my pc where I can filter if I will listen to people complaining about politics or play a game, watch some movie, read a book… So, as I said, not everyone is that way, at least me not (is it bad or good?)… Then by~e.

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