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Its VIDEO TIME! (Big Pharma DLC & Democracy 3 Africa)

Wow, talk about busy busy busy. We are just SEVEN DAYS (OMG) away from releasing Democracy 3 Africa. My mind is full of Tourism, Malaria, Foreign Investment and cool African music. I’ve also been doing some more playtesting, and recorded my futile attempts to fix the problems of a seriously in-need-of-help Zambia in this playthrough…

Democracy 3 Africa will be on Steam, Humble Store, Gog and direct from us at our website. It will be $14.99 on Windows and OSX.

But whats that? you are more interested to hear about recent developments in Pharmaceutical marketing? Well do we have the video for you! This is Tim (Of Twice Circled fame)  trying to explain what features are in the amazing new Big Pharma expansion he is working on, whilst some idiot makes silly comments and distracts him:

Big Pharma: Marketing & Malpractice is coming SOOOOONNNNNNNN.

2 thoughts on Its VIDEO TIME! (Big Pharma DLC & Democracy 3 Africa)


    I can’t decide is that is sooner than soon or not ;-)

  2. Democracy 3 Africa will be great, I can feel it. Looking forward to playing this. 15$ seems fair, if not almost too low for people who don’t have the original.

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