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Gratuitous Space Battles gets Custom Textures

*note, only the windows patch is live at the moment, linux & mac updates are in progress.

I just released version .136 of Gratuitous Space Battles 2. The changelog is this…

Version Release 1.36 July
1) Fixed potential random crash when first starting a battle.
2) Balance Change: An across-the-board 30% boost in the hit-points of all frigate modules.
3) Balance Change: Double the damage of frigate anti-fighter missiles from 9 to 18.
4) Balance Change: 50% boost for the damage from a frigate flak cannon from 5 to 7.5.
5) Balance Change: 50% Boost for the beam power (time it can stay on) for both frigate tractor beam variants.
6) Balance Change: Increased the tractor beam recharge rates for frigates by 25%.
7) Balance Change: Increased the thrust of all frigate engines by 25%.
8) Balance Change: Increased the shield pen of Heavy beam laser for frigates to 15 so it can now do damage to all frigate shields but plasmatic, and also damage light cruiser shields.
9) Balance Change: Increased heavy frigate plasma shield penetration from 19 to 23 so it is also a viable option to damage cruisers with heavy shields.
10) Fixed campaign bug where you could re-deploy already deployed ships.
11) New Feature: You can assign custom textures to any part of a ship, even modded textures, and include them within challenges, using new right-click option.
12) Holding down shift now allows for pixel perfect ship design movement using the arrow keys.

But the most exciting bit is the new ‘custom textures’ feature. Its so exciting I made a video about it. I might one day write a play about it, or compose an opera. For now, here is the video: