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Even More Gratuitous than before (1.19) + Rezzed

Sooo… because making decent mac & linux ports, and translating into French German and Spanish takes so long…I’ve put back my target release date for GSB2 to …

April 16th

Which is a pain, but on the plus side it does mean that I have more time to be careful about stuff like final mission and hull balancing, optimizing and polishing and general improvements. Plus it means I’ll have steam trading cards on launch day. I’m also hoping for a simultaneous Steam/Humble/GoG launch.

With that on the horizon, today is patch day to version 1.19. what has changed I hear you cry? Here are the highlights:

1) New more helpful text displays instead of ‘no effect’ in battle.
4) Improved tabbed interface with more data for the end-battle stats.
9) Simplified system for quickly and simply posting a ship design as a steam workshop submission added after saving a ship design.

(and obviously lots of minor tweaks & fixes).

I’m hoping the one-click posting of ship designs will work, and be cool. It *might* not work for anyone but me until the game is officially steam-launched, not sure TBH.

In other news, tomorrow I head off here:


That’s London. Hopefully there will be less cybermen and more gamers as I will be at REZZED showing off both Gratuitous Space Battles and Big Pharma, with the help of Tim from Twice Circled. COME TRY OUR GAMES. With any luck GSB2 will have dual monitors. Plus if you have a youtube channel and want some content, come interview us. We are photogenic and literally ooze charisma. We have boxes of leaflets (mine are printed wrongly because I’m a dork, so they seem to read backwards or in some funny order. I am too busy to care),


and boxes of badges. The GSB2 ones printed weirdly, again, I’m stupid, but the Big Pharma ones are cool. Tim *may* have jelly beans.

So please come along on Thursday Friday or Saturday and enjoy the show! Also I have a new phone. I may do some exciting live-tweeting from the show floor!!!!111oneoneone.



8 thoughts on Even More Gratuitous than before (1.19) + Rezzed

  1. This may not apply here – just a general pet peeve: Not a big fan of the style of UI’s where you get some sort of % bars of opponent health during combat. One, it weakens immersion (unless the UI or intro suggests you are looking at things through some sort of monitor/augmented reality deal that makes it plausible). And two, it turns the focus into the numbers when it should be on how detailed the animation, graphic and sound are – those all should reflect the “damage status” and interesting game mechanic would be to have the game be about getting skillful in assessing the damage you are doing and adapting your tactic – all without any visible numbers, merely through visual and auditory input.

    1. you can turn gsb2s whole gui off using U if you like, and we dont have health bars showing unless you right click a unit or hover over it. It should be visible from the ship damage.

  2. v1.19 issue–Cliffski, I just noticed, after losing many mp battles that the shield fix is no longer fixed. I’m referring to Light Shields (at least on cruisers) being 200 pts strong and Heavy shields only 50 pts. of strength. I wondered why my opponent loaded his ship up with 5 light shields—and I couldn’t bust through. Meanwhile, I’m sporting the heavy, costly heavy shields. LOL. :)

      1. I’m also unable to play “retaliation” matches. One was deleted by the system, the others crash after download or they load a black screen with no ships on it. I’ve had a few crashes in the challenge battles with the new version that didn’t happen in 1.18. I thought maybe it was my system as I had been playing with overclocks-so I ran everything stock and I’m still getting crashes. For example, I have a fleet that can finally beat “Juls” but every time I am nearing a win, it crashes. (You can see “attempt” but no “defeat” or “victory”. The challenges are my favorite part since there is always something fresh.

  3. Just checked the latest steam hw survey:

    Looks like my choice of GTX 760 when it came was again the “lucky” choice, in terms of picking the desktop GPU to top the charts. There’s couple reasons why this 660/760 reign might not last as along as 8800/9800GT reign though. I’m thinking that in 2 years things will change because 1) there may be some coil-whine-free alternative with more memory than 970 and 2) maybe those holding out on Star Citizen to have complete sp-campaign will have saved up and splash on whatever upgrades are needed to run it smooth (probably at 4K res).

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