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Dirty Dozen promotion post-mortem

I can’t give you exact sales figures, because they are confidential. But that sale did ok. It wasn’t launched at the best time, but it did nevertheless make as good money as the majority of the ‘indie bundles’ out there, ignoring the humble one of course :D.

I’m definitely going to run another one, later in the year. I think I’ve done enough work to know that the model works, and setting it up will be easier next time around. Now that the sale has run once, I can say to developers ‘the sale earned an average of $X per developer last time’, which might bring in some developers who would otherwise turn it down. Funnily enough, I still get developers who refuse to be listed on showmethegames. I don’t understand why. Maybe they hate traffic, or money, or me. Whatever.

Anyway, it will still be the only ‘100% developer share’ bundle that is not PWYW. So it should continue to attract devs that want to build up their direct sales and who don’t want their games available for under a dollar. It’s a nice little side project for my spare time anyway.

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 : First battle video!

Well I’ve been working on this beast long enough, so it’s time to share my efforts with you wonderful people of the internet. I have a whole bunch of stuff I’ll eventually talk about and show to you, but I thought I’d start off the Gratuitous Space battles 2 videos with a decent 9 minute explanation by me of the stuff that is new (so far) in the graphics engine for the GSB 2 battles. There is a lot to talk about:…

I tend to do more written stuff than videos just because I find the majority of video content moves ‘too slow’ for me. I want all the information and spectacle of stuff condensed as much as possible because I take information in very very fast. If someone has a really slow speaking voice it’s even more agonizing. But hey, I’m not the audience, you are, and the good people of the internet seem to prefer video content to written, so I’m going to try and do my bit to keep up with your youtube-watching ways. or twitch, or whoever is cool this week :D

It’s difficult because I hate my own voice, and I have broadband (ha!) delivered by a sliver of copper the size of an angels nostril hair, so my upload speed is about 45kb/s on a GOOD day. This vid took nearly 4 hours to upload. Grr. Luckily I should have a chance of getting fiber here in December.

Anyway, enjoy the vid, post any comments here or on youtube or on the GSB2 official forums. I have more stuff to show off in a few weeks!