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Off to the land of the free!

I’m on a panel about game marketing at steam dev days:


So I’m mixing it in with what you slackers call a ‘holiday’. Thus, I’m about to leave this stormy wet windy weather behind me to enjoy the sun-drenched countryside around seattle. See you all soonish!

6 thoughts on Off to the land of the free!

  1. It’s Seattle, Mrstarware. They put up pictures of the sun when they want to experience a day without rain. ;)

  2. Ok I thought that was a joke I just wanted to make sure cliffski knew it was a joke too. :]

  3. Seattle has clouds and rain, but also a very temperate climate. As opposed to Northern Ohio where my wife and I live, which has gray skies throughout the winter, but no temperate climate, at all.

    Seattle actually came in second behind Boston when we were considering our last move, 8 years ago. Sadly, both are so expensive that we could at most afford a small bathroom. To live in. Whereas in the Cleveland area suburbs, we could manage a fine, relatively large house, with full scope for our hobbies and plenty of walking trails through nearby woodlands, besides.

    But Seattle is a good place to market new games: a very progressive community, youthful and open to fresh ideas.

    Plenty of great seafood, too. ;)

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