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Democracy 3 released. TELL THE WORLD

Do not worry America. Your politicians may be unable to govern, but I am here to help, by telling you that Democracy is here once more!


Yup, It’s RELEASE DAY for Democracy 3, which means you now have no good excuses whatsoever to avoid going and grabbing a copy right now. Of course, you can grab it from my lovely website, which gets you a DRM-free link to windows, linux and mac versions, plus a steam key, or if you prefer to buy through steam you can do that right now here. And if you only buy games through GoG, be patient as the game will show up there in the next few days.

If you already bought the game and have been playing the beta, you may suddenly notice that the last patch (version 1.06) stopped saying ‘beta’. Yup, thats the release version you have, RIGHT THERE. Obviously not the final version, I’m already working on extra bits…

So what are you waiting for people? Get governing! And feedback on the game is vastly appreciated especially at the official forums here. And don’#t forget to use the power of twitter, facebook and even face to face ‘talking’ to tell people that there is this lovely new game out there…


10 thoughts on Democracy 3 released. TELL THE WORLD

  1. I’m looking forward to this – but do you know roughly how long before it is available on the mac App store? (I prefer to buy games off there, whenever possible – it just seems simpler.)


  2. ah, this is a pleasant surprise, haven’t been here since the GTB days….

    official forum link is a 404 though, might wanna look into that

  3. So I bought the game and I’m having a lot of fun, I think it’s a huge improvement over Democracy 2, so congratulations on the launch. I really like the policy screen and how it tells you how popular certain policies are predicted to be with the voting population, and it’s also nice to see how the country has changed since you took office, I don’t remember that being in Democracy 2. Glad I bought it.

    I think I found a few tiny bugs, though.

    One was that I was in game and deleted a few saved games. I then went to the main menu and went to load a game, and the ones I deleted were still there. I was curious so I attempted to load one, which caused the game to crash.

    Next one — I got the achievement for balancing the budget 5 years in a row, but 4 of those years were under one administration (I was then assassinated) and the last year was under the first year of a new game.

    Last minor bug was me saving a game, then getting assassinated (are we noticing a trend here), then trying to load that game again. It loaded fine, but when you clicked next turn, it would freeze at the loading screen.

  4. Great game. Definite improvements over democracy 2. I managed to end abortion and teach creationism in school, defund the military entirely, massively increase the debt and wreck the american economy, initiate a police state that stalin would be proud of while evading five assassination attempts, practically reinstate jim crow laws, and still win the election (albeit narrowly). Hooray for voter apathy! Seriously though, the game is fun and definitely thought provoking. Not for the politically uniformed or naively idealistic.

  5. Just ‘bought’ the game on steam with the Steam key provided within the pre-order, but there seems to be an issue (for me) with the update (?) I have an error which says ‘An error occurred while updating Democracy 3 (content still encrypted).

    Anyone else having the same problem? In the Steam library it also states ‘Pre-loaded; unrelea(sed?)’

    Thanks in advance,

  6. By any chance, would you happen to consider releasing this game for Android? I do enjoy this game very much on the PC but I would love to try creating my ideal country when I don’t have an available PC.

    Awesome game by the way. I’m already telling a few of my friends about it.

  7. Been suggesting it to people, and angling that one of the magazines I write for allow a review of an indie game instead of the usual high-graphics Big Industry titles. We’ll see.

    Best of luck, in any case. Between this and Redshirt’s beta, I’m a very happy camper at the moment.

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