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Redshirt alpha screenshots

Ok…so today marks the day when we send out press releases to a bunch of journalists about Redshirt. (If you have somehow been missed email me). For those who haven’t been following progress on the game, Redshirt is a sci-fi social-networking life-sim comedy game by The Tiniest Shark, which is being published by me. It’s the first time I’ve published another developer’s game. yes I have become THE MAN.


As well as sending out press builds, we have a bunch of shiny new screenshots to share with the world, and obviously news on the game will speed up now we are in alpha, heading towards beta and pre-orders. Without further ado…click to enlarge…

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9 thoughts on Redshirt alpha screenshots

  1. The UI looks ugly and very, very cluttered – like something a kid would mock up in Flash the flavour text isn’t very exciting either.

    The characters are hideous as well and they all look very similar – their ridiculous names would also interfere with game-play. Will it be possible to alter which first and last names are thrown into the name generator?

    I was hoping it would be a better version of Kudos 2, or something based along the sims social model (I’m aware it was based on Kudos).

  2. Everyone’s a critic! Comments supplied by the Graphics Over Gameplay Collective. The game looks excellent, good luck with beta and release.

  3. I agree with Michael. Really looking forward to seeing more of this and eventually playing it. All the videos and such have looked excellent. Good luck!

  4. Just one simple question.

    Will this also be available on GOG or the Steam platform, upon release?

  5. Pls let it be on steam. I buy lots of games on steam, most of them have recently been from indie developers. Also it would be nice if there were a pre-order alpha/beta access , a little like how WFTO is atm. Looking forward to this game!

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