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Away for THREE weeks. OMG etc.

I never go away from positech towers for very long normally, but circumstances are such that I will be away for three weeks. That’s a very long time for me, and I will have to find a way to check email at least once to watch out for any “have a billion dollars if you reply today!” emails from wealthy and delusional publishers.

I am like a hungry animal wanting to work on games at the best of times, but I’ll probably be even worse by the time I make it back, at which point my calendar tells me all manner of things that have been brewing for ages start happening and it will be work,work,work and busy,busy,busy.


Unlike most geeks, I never take a laptop or ipad on holiday with me, and even my phones net capability is something I never use, it being frankly more hassle and annoyance than use anyway. I think it’s good to switch off now and then. Hopefully positech will still exist when I get back in three weeks time. That’s the beauty of internet companies, you don’t have to physically close a store or turn away business. I anticipate some angry emails from people who ask for download links re-sending who don’t get a reply for three weeks but I bet that’s a quicker response time than EA/Activision anyway :D

See you next month.

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