So why haven’t I patched the game lately? when is the release date? Here goes…

The release date is basically any day now. The final build of the game is done, tested, built and ready for distribution. That doesn’t mean it’s the ‘lat’ build. I intend to update the game later with a number of improvements, not least to enable easy mod-support for the game, and a bunch of graphical improvements, speedups and GUI tweaks etc…

But at some point you declare the game officially launched so people who would not preview it, get to review it.

Also, that’s the point at which third parties like steam etc get to sell the game…

And that’s currently the slight delay. Setting things up with third party portals is taking a little while. I have some minor tech issues with setting it up for one portal, another is frankly not getting the final build until I see last months royalties actually arrive in my bank account (god I hate this hassle…), and a few more I shall contact today and see if they want to stock the game.

while we is a tank made from balloons…

Previously I’ve launched on my site first, and the portals later, but I was hoping for a simultaneous release this time.

The good news is that I’ve written a web-based front-end for people who have bought the game direct, which tells them what their steam-key is, for when the game launches on steam. They will get an email from me on launch day.

So don’t think I’ve stopped working on GTB, far from it, it would just complicate stuff a LOT if I released a new patch now, and then portals started selling a version slightly older. Hopefully the first post-release patch will be bigger than normal and have more fixes as a result (or more important ones).

6 Responses to “Update on the situation with Gratuitous Tank Battles”

  1. Gnoupi says:

    (Off-topic, the rss feed is still containing summaries: )

    Cute tank, besides

  2. cliffski says:

    I can’t get it to switch back, its turned off everywhere and still the useless crappy software won’t swap back…

  3. Toby says:

    Great news and congrats on the imminent release of GTB!

  4. Terren says:

    Opera’s built in RSS feed is seeing the full post.

  5. Igor Savin says:

    Who is the distributor delaying the royalties, if I may ask?..

  6. Socapex says:

    Any chance we get a demo somewhat soon-ish? Please, pretty please :)