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Let’s look at Gratuitous Tank Battles patch 1.004! (yes let’s!)

Ok, so I’ve put version 1.004 of GTB live, and it has a bunch of stuff in it which is listed in full on the positech forums here:

But I thought I’d mention the highlights of the new version here.

  • The battle screen now lets you scroll to the top and the bottom outside the actual map-bounds. This was a bit of a pain because it had to ‘fake’ a bunch of extra tiles that don’t exist which causes issues you can’t imagine, but the upshot of it is that you can now easily see the bottom and top row tiles which makes maps that have them in-use much easier to play
  • The dog tags now flash for a duration independent of game speed, preventing you getting an advantage by playing slower.
  • Recordings of your deployments now actually WORK in uploaded challenges, which was a BIG bit of broken functionality that people should now be able to enjoy properly.
  • There are two completely NEW campaign missions added to the end. There will be more missions coming in future patches. This took the game from 8-10 missions, and I want the release build to have more than that.
  • Health-indicators now default to on, and are implemented much more sensibly with a button to toggle (Which is remembered) and also reliable use of a hotkey to view them. damage indicators also default to on now.
  • The unlocks window after a battle now displays comprehensive information on the choices that are on offer so you can make a better decision.

There is a bunch of other stuff too, and loads of improvements I want to make visually in the short term, plus all kinds of ideas for extra stuff medium term,, if the game actually proves to be popular. Anyway, this is one more step towards release, so that’s good :D

Here is a tank picture wot I took:D