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Gratuitous Tank Battles video and screenshots

In case you missed my minor PR splurge, there is a new video, and new screenshots of the game. The screenshots are clickable on the slightly redesigned site here:

There is also a moddb page now here:

And mroe excitingly than all that is the new video. You can watch it in 720 res HD if you like :D. PLEASE upvote it, tweet it blah blah, if you think you can help spread the word. Mentioning the game on forums is especially helpful. The more hype and eventual players the more maps everyone will have :D

Opinions on how it looks are most welcome:

Also note that Democracy 2 is on sale at direct2drive:

And hopefully the parasites DLC for GSB will be on sale through steam on monday.

That’s a full day surely?

17 thoughts on Gratuitous Tank Battles video and screenshots

  1. Just something I noticed- the lasers don’t generate light when almost everything else does, what’s with that? Also with night scenes, it’s unrealistic to portray those lights as having no bleed into the areas that they are being directed at- you might want to modify your lightmap to effect an area around the emitter, have a more curved beam outline and possible less two-dimensional.

    In short, needs moar dakka.

  2. It looks kind of weird to have ground troops shoot through each other. There’s a reason frontline ditches are lines orthogonal to the direction of attackers, to allow a maximum of soldiers to fire without being in each other’s firelines. Maybe the infantry could be set so they only use rifle fire when they have a clear line of fire, and otherwise use indirect methods of assault, like grenades?

  3. Hrm so what I understood was that in the year 2114 england is going to declare war on germany… again? ;) Well so be it, I will mount my Tiger-Mecha and bomb the hell out of you island guys! ^^

  4. I have to admit I was feeling a bit un-enthusiastic about the whole thing… until I saw this video! :D
    The night vision was an especially nice touch!

  5. Infantry seems a bit too dark– I couldn’t tell if they were craters or scorch marks on the ground! I wouldn’t make them light brown either, even if it would be effective camouflage, the point is to make the game read more easily for players.

    If you don’t mind getting goofy, I’d make infantry in several different colors, with different stat priorities: British ‘redcoats’, American ‘greenies’, and African ‘desert foxes’, say.

  6. the colors of the armor, jackets, and helmnets of the troops are configurable by the player. You can have bright pink soldiers if you wanted to :D

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