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16 thoughts on A tiny little image

  1. Ok, that’s Ante-Collision-With-Tank, what’s the Post look like? ;)

    Sorry, after Red Alert that’s the first question I have to ask about infantry.

  2. Oh please please please tell me this will be something like Take No Prisoners, Close Combat, or Alien Breed. Better yet, some mix of them all.

  3. Ooh, shiny. Look forward to seeing more.

    Though something has just occurred to me, something that is now bothering me:

    Why is this ‘game four’?

    I make this around the seventh Positech game? Even if you don’t count sequels, and just count Demoncracy 1/2 and Kudos 1/2 as one each, this is still game series five? The only way I make it number 4 is if you don’t count anything before Kudos 2, which I guess is what is being done as Kudos 2, Democracy 2 and GSB are the ‘headline’ games on the Positech website (with Democracy 1 not being mentioned at all).

    Anyway, enough rambling, it just bothers me in that insanely nerdy way.

  4. Maybe it’s really a land battles version of GSB with tanks. But I hope it’ll allow more control over the battles than GSB. The soldier in the picture definitely looks a bit futuristic which may hint at a sci fi landbattles game.

  5. Woah Gary!

    Crusader: No Remorse/Regret – one of my all time favs!!
    The Title melody alone was worth it :-) .
    I never understood why there are no fanclubs… :-)

    As for the sprite: Nice nice…
    Hopefully he will climb into some tanks somewhen…
    It’s good to have a little bit of extra skin in those rough times…

  6. Omg I thougt GTB would go WWII but no! This definitly looks like JinRoh! So we may expect an future / alternate timeline game! Sweet! ;)

  7. I’ll mention this now, before the game is even released:

    If a tank has smoke launchers, I expect it to be able to use them, if ordered to do so.

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