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Game Clue #7 plus decision making

I was shopping for cakes today and bought 2 cakes. There were 2 of us, and we wanted one each, and the guy says “You can get a third cake for the price of 2, which cake do you want?” and although that’s a good deal, it kind of bugged me, and (in my obsessive analytical way) I realised it bugged me because I had lost control of my decision making right then. I had strode into the cake shop, confident of my wants, my decisions, my choices and my needs, and suddenly my whole world view (I want 2 cakes) was reversed at someone else’s decision.I thought I knew what I wanted, and someone else had taken over and was making me operate on their terms (they want to sell more cakes).

I mention it because it reminded me of ‘the social network’ which I watched last night. The harvard guy talks about how harvard encourages students to create their own job, rather than just take a job. I thought this was an incredibly good attitude and should be drilled into ALL students, not just ones at elitist super-expensive universities.

You almost certainly don’t have the job you want. You might *like* your job, but that’s different. You didn’t *really* choose your job. Someone else had an idea, and wanted to make/do/build something. They then worked out they needed some people do do parts X and Y (probably the annoying, boring bits) and they posted a job ad, or asked a headhunter for someone to do it. They then wrote a contract, on their terms, and offered it to you. They will tell you what to do, and keep you doing it as long as it is useful to them.

Employment is a very one-sided situation for most people. Imagine showing up at a job interview with your own contract and asking the employer to sign it. Laughable isn’t it?

Working for yourself is not just different in minor job security and tax and quality-of-life ways. It is a fundamental re-arrangement of the terms upon which you carry out a good third of your existence. Even if you are 80% sure you prefer employment to self employment, I strongly recommend trying it before you hit 40ish, and you become too risk averse. I don’t know many people who tried it and went back to a regular job.

Here is another clue alluding to my next game. The last three were a bit hard. I would have thought trench art and stormtrooper helmets were pretty easy to spot, but I’m impressed how rapidly someone can spot a tiger tank gun barrel, especially when it’s a photo of one I took myself :D. Enjoy:

Clue #7


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  1. I’m rubbish at spotting WWII-era tech, but that’s a zombie from Plants Vs. Zombies, isn’t it?

    The more clues we get, the further I am from figuring out what your next project will be…!

  2. So… resurrected Nazi zombies with tanks?

    Maybe re-enacting WWII with zombies somehow / alternate history?

  3. So the next game is all about misdirection. The clues are actually to throw us off the scent and by doing so have everything to do with the game, just not in the way we expected ;-P

    No zombies or tank guns, just good old fashioned cold war misdirection and nuclear warfare of some kind.

    It might not be true but it would be awesome if it was ;-D

  4. See, I said it was a Stormtrooper helmet! ;)
    Hmm… so what do we know so-far? It is almost certainly an RTS, it’s got some Sci-Fi in it, it has… er… tanks in it? It has zombies in it too.
    So, let me see. It’s a strategy game set in the future and there is a war raging between futuristic looking humans in tanks and zombies (or are the zombies in the tanks?).

  5. Ah, but what if it’s a clever, engaging, and well executed tower defense game? Eh? Eh?

    I am not putting the clues together into any kind of sensible arrangement, but they are getting me to think about a game that doesn’t exist yet on a sort of regular reinforcement schedule. And it works even when I know what’s going on, kind of like the cake thing.

  6. Problem I have with tower defence games is that being overrun, or overrunning everything, doesnt feel satisfying. Very hard to hit the middle ground, tho I guess Plants vs Zombies came close. Its also hard to know if you are doing well, or ‘doing it right’, until the computer pwns you.
    Having said that, theres always room for a new take on a genre, of course.

  7. Nice entry Cliff…have you written in more detail about self employment elsewhere?

    Would like to hear more about it. Cheers!

  8. I’m all for zombie nazis in tanks but
    trench art is just not fitting into this picture!!

    Maybe it’s about WWII but not against Nazis but against Roman Zombies
    who came from their graves to …uhm… get all the icecream.

    So you just have to fight with tanks against zombies from the past.

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