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The next positech game: Clue #1

I don’t want tot alk too openly in a press style way about my new game yet, because I don’t have whizz bang screenshots to show anyone at the moment, and the game is a long way off, but I know a lot of people are curious. maybe some of you will buy it! (I hope so…)

Anyway, I thought I’d trickle out a bunch of clues about the style, design, backstory (oh yes) and general theme of the game.

I also thought, that what with this being the internet etc… it’s a nightmare to hint at anything without giving the whole game away, so they will hopefully be very obscure.

Here is the first one:



12 thoughts on The next positech game: Clue #1

  1. hmm I don’t have any clues about this clue hehe!

    Keep up the good work cliff! Im looking forward for your next game :)

  2. Definitely from Doctor Who. Tom Baker years, I believe. Agreeing with Pike that it’s probably Genesis of the Daleks (great series, by the way), I watched it again roughly a year ago along with several others.

    I’m American, but I can’t describe my appreciation for Doctor Who emphatically enough. Classic or new.

    PS – Tom Baker is *my* Doctor, the one I grew up watching on PBS!

  3. It IS Genesis of the Daleks. Interestingly, the picture posted appears to be a MIRRORED version of this one.
    The images are the same resolution, but the version posted here is 3-4 kb smaller. Nothing hidden i could see with a simple pass, what’re the chances that Cliff goes as head over heals hiding data in stuff as Valve et all?

  4. I saw this and immediately thought, “Old Doctor Who episode! :D” That one is one of the few I’ve ever seen of the original series so it was instantly recognizable.

  5. Nice thinking there LKohime,
    but I guess that it’s just not cliffski’s style.

    Maybe it’s something more abstract:
    like a hint on the background story: it’s against aliens!

    Or something else…

  6. Heh, I was rather busy in early april with Potato Fool’s day, so i’m still rather suck on that method of thinking xD

  7. For some reason, a voice in the back of my head says that man is called Nyer/Nier but I’ve NO idea how I know that.

    It’s Genesis of the Daleks tho – yes? – and he’d be talking to Davros??

    So my guess is that you’re making a wheelchair simulator – or a lifestyle game where you’re disabled and competing to become the World’s Most Wanted Man (as the last incumbent has recently taking up deep sea diving?) :)

  8. Yes, it is Nyder from Genesis of the Daleks. I saw it a few weeks ago (rewathcing the whole series for the first time since I was a kid).

    The only thing that remains, is if it is a Dr. Who game, or an Evil-Scientist-trying-to-take-over-the-Universe-game. Not that it really matters as either is a good game idea. I guess it could be a flunky game where you fetch-and-carry-your-way-to-your-inevitable-death game, but while innovative, it would seem a little silly. Enough to bring out some rather large fish, and start slapping each other with them.

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