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Gratuitous Modding Competition Winner

It’s actually nothing to do with me directly, but the enthusiastic modders who fiddle with Gratuitous Space Battles (and there are a LOT of them), have been running a competition on the GSB modding forum for the last few weeks. I blogged one of the designs a while ago, one I really liked. Anyway, there has been voting going on and a winner picked, and here is the ship with the most votes:

It’s extremely awesome to see people producing new ships for the game, and obviously what they are doing is cutting and pasting and tweaking and blending the original ship grpahics to make much bigger new ones. I also released some of the raw lightwave models, and did some re-renders, because I’m a big fan of decent modding, I see there is also a fan-made editor for the game which is probably better than my own internal tools (almost certainly so!). Some of the stuff that’s being modded into the game is really cool.

I’m well aware of the fact that GSB wouldn’t have any modding community at all if it was not for

1) leaving all the games art files in native, usable formats like jpg and DDS, so people could see them and change them, rather than hidden in some pak or zip file.

2) Having forums on my site for people to chat about the game and discuss it. Some indies see forums as more trouble than they are worth, but I strongly disagree :D

Thanks to everyone still playing the game and producing mods for keeping interest in the game alive. I look forward to seeing people mod the campaign game, now it has a proper directory structure that trivially supports extra maps. (It’s still not a modders paradise, but I hope my next game will nudge further that way). If you are a big fan of GSB and want more ships, or to change some settings, or fiddle around, have a look at the modding forums, there is a ton of stuff there.

7 thoughts on Gratuitous Modding Competition Winner

  1. Supporting the fan mod community and continuing to provide new content via (free!) campaign improvements… wow. Now that is a recipe for success!

    Been thinking about doing it for a while, and this post tipped me in your favor. Purchased the missing DLC and the campaign, and I plan to let all my friends know GSB is thriving.

    I look forward to your next game :-)

  2. I still waiting for the Campaign version for the Mac. Once that comes out, I am going to be a very happy Admiral.

  3. Also that is a pretty cool ship, but I have to agree the yellow and black Art Deco flying wing was by far one of the coolest of the bunch.

  4. @Craig A. Glesner: Thank you for the generous compliment. The Art Deco flying wing seen here previously was my submission, which achieved 2nd Place in the contest.

    @cliffski: Thank you for voting for my contest entry, as well as previously putting a pic of it into your blog!

  5. Where……….
    (That is awesome)

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