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Website Experiment #2

Here is another 2 variations on my GSB homepage.

New version

Old Version

The new version has some extra content at the bottom, I measured how much of a boost that gave to the percentage of people grabbing the demo. It is a small, but noticeable difference.

GWO says its within error margins, but over 10 days it’s consistantly outperformed, so I consider it worth switching to. Say GSB earns $50,000 over a year, 2.28% improvement is $1,140, for changing some html. Now you see why I do this stuff :D Imagine how much a change to amazons home page must earn them…

10 thoughts on Website Experiment #2

  1. Pretty amazing how a small change like that pays off. All you’ve done is add a small tutorial and another download button. Shows how important attention to detail is.
    Btw: The text in the first column under “In the press” is formatted differently than the rest. I noticed when tabbing back and forth between the old and new versions.

  2. Well, the new version has two download links whereas the old version had only one link that is a bit lost in the content. I guess that’s what really makes the difference…? Check what button actually is used by the users in the new version :) . I’d also make the demo link in the top navbar more visible.

  3. @Schlabbi,

    I’d also be interested in the results if you used a ‘warm’ color (red or orange, say) instead of a cool color for the button.

  4. >Well I guess I better try that then

    Yes, I was going to make the same comment. The first download button is lost in the UI. A different color (or whatever) making it standing out a bit, will be better.

  5. I used to do these types of tests until I learned that they are usually worthless since they are not statistically significant. Meaning if you do the same test a month from now the results could be opposite, the change is not reproducible.

    For your test:

    D^2 !> N so it is not significant, not even close.

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