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Game designer job. (yes really)

I’m not actually offering someone a *job*, job. It’s not a permanent thing. I’m looking for a contractor, just for a week. Even if I *did* have the work (and money) for a permanent employee, I wouldn’t do it. The UK insists on burdening employers with so much paperwork and bureaucracy it’s literally better to just not bother and stay a one-man business. Bah etc…


See Gratuitous Space Battles?

See the campaign add on Galactic Conquest?

That campaign add-on has only ONE map. It’s fixed, every time, and people would prefer it to to have variety. Hence I want to have another 3 maps made that are different, and let the player choose from them. This will require some coding by me, which isn’t a lot, but it would involve a fair amount of editing, play testing and balancing, and I don’t have the time to do it.

This is where my new padawan will come in.

Basically I want someone to take the GSB campaign, and come up with 3 new maps, all new planet names, all new facility locations and anomaly locations, and a new network of connecting hyperspace doodahs. There is a debug editor, of sorts, built into the game (I’d get a debug copy to them) which is flaky as hell, because my tools suck, but I used it myself so it can’t be too bad.

I’m thinking it’s probably a full time job for a week. I’m thinking it’s worth $1,000. I know full time lead designers don’t work for that, but this is more of a junior designer/tester thing anyway. Don’t shout at me, I’m only a frail humble indie :D

This is who I need:

  • Someone who speaks and types very good English. Language barriers can be hell.
  • Someone over 18.  This sounds horribly cruel, but it’s purely because if you are under 18, there are probably all kinds of horrific laws about employing a minor, and I don’t want angry parents suing me. Sorry about this…
  • A very keen gamer, likely someone who has played GSB and likes it, and plays a lot of strategy games. You will definitely have to be very familiar with how the game plays, and be reasonably good at it before starting to do this.
  • Someone who has a free week coming up very soon (Feb/March, really). I don’t want to leave it longer than that. I doubt it’s doable in evenings and weekends, but you can try and convince me otherwise.
  • Someone professional , with a good eye for detail, organised and capable. I’m pretty sure I could talk people into doing this for free, I’m paying hard earned cash because I want a top notch job done that I can happily put my name to.

If this applies to you, please email me at, with details about you. Any references or CV style stuff would be welcome, but not essential. if you are a game design student at some college or university, then maybe this is a good opportunity to wangle it into the course. If you are an unemployed game designer with pro experience, this is ideal for you. Don’t forget you can work from home, and 90% of the time you will just be fighting space battles, and checking it’s fun. There are worse jobs out there, trust me. Plus it looks good on CVs.

I’ll pay the full amount by paypal or bank transfer on completion. You can trust me, I’ve been around decades, and employed dozens of people in similar ways. I always pay! There will be a contract/NDA to sign, naturally.

If you know anyone suitable, please tweet this to them, or whatever you hip kids do these days.

BTW this will be a free update, not new DLC.

11 thoughts on Game designer job. (yes really)

  1. Would’ve loved to help out, but I am currently busy with another project.
    Best of luck, I hope you come out with a great result!

  2. I would love this, but I squarely fit into the category of ‘those who get schooled by the online challenges’ :)

  3. Limiting the offer to people who are good at GSB sure shrinks the pool. :) I am looking forward to seeing what the designer comes up with.

    As an alternate, can you put together a random map generator? The generator does not have to make a good map every time – instead, it could give a preview, and let the player click “next” until a good/appealing layout appears. I’d be happy to pay a few dollars for such a generator, though I doubt many others would.

  4. Hm. HMMM…very intriguing, but while I do enjoy GSB, I’m still awful at it! I bet you’ll find a real fan who’s chomping at the bit to help out with this.

  5. Do consider asking on, there is a diverse crowd of very skilled mapmakers there.

  6. A friend an I have been working on a system generator for my pen and paper GURPS game, which generates solar systems which are connected by warp points. It’s been pretty easy to develop, making a generator for random maps wouldn’t be too hard.

  7. Any chance in opening up the map design tools to the public, taking map submissions, and having the better ones (as rated by members on the GSB forums) officially included? I’m not saying that paying someone $1k to do it is the wrong way to go, but I’m sure that in the long run you’ll find high quality map editors that do this for fun.

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