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Server Downtime

The GSB server, and my website will be down at some point tomorrow for about 30 minutes as physical server moves take place. You can still play GSB then, but not download or upload challenges, rate them or anything similar. The forums will also be offline for that period.

Unavoidable really, unelss you use fancy cloud stuff, and although amazon and google are gerat, I like hosting companies that answer the phone when things go bad. Google aren’t big on that.

4 thoughts on Server Downtime

  1. Plus cloud services aren’t that cost effective for small use when you actually look at them closely.

    good luck with the migration

    Guessing your previous Epic post melted the old one ;)


  2. its in the small print in the upgrade agreement, ‘service user will no longer post anti AAA pillock posts’.

  3. Server down. 30 min, it is not terrible. But It might be much more later, also all player should can not connect all the time. So we should definitelly be able to send challenges to ourself when playing “local” and with no need for a connection…

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