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Current campaign-game to-do list

These are things on my list right now:

  • Add new code to tutorial so it can zoom to a specified location.
  • Finish off tutorial text and code for the remaining bits of the campaign.
  • Do the screens for victory or defeat in the campaign.
  • Filter out fleets where ships have no engines, so they aren’t selected as enemy fleets.
  • Merge 2 fleets if you drop one fleet icon on another.
  • Prevent exploit whereby you invade a system, then save and load before the battle got resolved. (Ooops).
  • Merge two fleets into one if you send two fleets to invade the same system at the same time.

None of these are trivial tasks. It’s coming together though. I’ll probably interrupt work on this at some point to release patch 1.39, although the campaign itself will need a patch to support it, so I might wait until the campaign is finished first. I keep considering putting the campaign code into a separate DLL, but tbh thats only going to be needless grief. There will always be one or two tiny things I need to change in the base game to support all the campaign stuff, so why bother? The campaign is all seperate data, just like the expansion packs.
Sales of GSB are definitely slowing. Hopefully the campaign will boost them up long enough to last me until I finish whatever game I do next.

4 thoughts on Current campaign-game to-do list

  1. cliff is typing fast during the middle part of this blog post, but its okay because I like mereg and explouit better anyway.

  2. Really looking forward to this, Cliff. Will definitely buy it.
    You know, now you’ve got such a game-changing feature built in a DLC, you might want to consider doing a new demo – perhaps for a GSB Gold with all addons included in one price. I say this because the strategic elements included in this new DLC will potentially open the game up to a whole new audience – as of course you’re aware. Some who have never looked at GSB before might want to demo the strategic elements of the game prior to buying. :)

  3. you should probably readvertise GSB with the new feature…… before its just a shallow battle sim, this turns it into a 4x basically, right?

    or maybe do a whole bunch of upgrades and rerelease it as GSB 2 or sumthing :P

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