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THE SWARM are coming. FLEE… NOW!

The swarm are coming. There is no place to hide. They have no home to retreat too, no possibility of surrender. They will not stop. Destroy this wave and the next wave will come. Grab your spacesuit and head for the exits now. We are outnumbered…

The Swarm are the new expansion pack race for GSB and you can buy the new pack right now. It’s the same price as before. Full details on what is included are here:


My plan with this pack was to do a race that was cheaper to build ships for, but those ships were flimsy. I hope this will lead to a sort of Michael Caine Vs Zulus approach, with the swarm ships being a bit flimsy, but just outnumbering the enemy. This pack also includes the converging lasers effect, and a smart bomb system which gives the swarm a great anti-missile defense, at the cost of them not being able to use their own missiles much either. I also wanted ships that had some transparency, and looked like birds of prey. Plus it was time for some gold colors :D.

My current plan is that this is the last new race for GSB. Campaign next, then whatever game comes next.

10 thoughts on THE SWARM are coming. FLEE… NOW!

  1. Steam has to approve all content that goes up on the service, so I am guessing it will go up in a few days like it did for the other dlc packs :D

  2. Are there plans to do a “all Extensions” Pack,
    or a All-Inclusive Pack of GSB?

    I’m lacking some incentive to just buy now…

  3. When I went to buy it, I clicked the green + to add the Planetary Defence title at the super low offer of half price (Why not, support good ole Cliffski and keep him fed so he can provide the campaign thingy).

    But it added the full price to the total, not the discounted price (Bloody capitalistic, money-grubbing, cheating, lying corporate scumbag I thought).

    So should i just wait until you fix that?


  4. Whaaa, I refuse to play till I get the new stats screen *shakes fist like angry baby*

  5. Cool – this looks like fun. Am blind-buying now.

    Cliff, I imagine that diminishing returns are the reason for this being the last expansion pack, but I hope you may throw us another at some point in the future.

  6. I’m confused. Is Gratuitous Space Battles suppose to be $10 or is that a mistake?

  7. Ha! I’d didn’t realize the patch was already out :D

    Artwork on the expansion is awesome by the way!

    *scurries of to play*

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