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DIE you heathen alien scum!

Ok so here we go, It’s finally ready for release. Hopefully all will go smoothly! Here is the new DLC for GSB:

THE ORDER are a group of aliens who take their beliefs very seriously. Their holy book may have been written when The Order had spears and lived in mud huts, but they cling to the letter of the book even now, ten thousand years later. And you no what isn’t in the holy book? That’s right… YOU.

And the order interpret this the way every rational life-form would. That you are heathen aliens who must be destroyed in the name of ‘The One True God’.  They tried Hymns, then they tried leaflets, but now they are trying nuclear missiles, radiation guns and limpet mines. Stand aside heathen alien scum.

Details here

Video here:

The order have three new weapons. Radiation guns, firing radioactive bullets which infect your ship and do damage long after the impact (cue nice green glowy effect), Nuclear Missiles, which are a similar effect in missile form, and limpet mines, which are like remote controlled drones which stick to enemy fighters and drag them, down to speeds where anyone can hit them. They also have faster firing cruiser rockets called ‘firefly’ rockets. In terms of ship bonuses’ they are big on power, low on speed.

I hope you enjoy them. BTW, One of the new scenarios is a survival mode map. I know you enjoy them :D

8 thoughts on DIE you heathen alien scum!

  1. Love the ship designs and am about to go nuclear tomorrow.

    one small point, my cloaked ships dissapear leaving the new limpet mine launcher fully visable.

    enjoying the new explosions there so much going on now that I run most battles at .4 speed once the cruisers engage.

    The fighters look ace, but cant seem to get them to last long, still where theres a will (and a heavy relgious tome) theres a way

  2. Awesome news!
    I checked website every several hours in hope to see some new info or maybe screen shot of new race, but instead got a much better thing – already finished game expansion. Bought it same second as i found purchase link.
    Order looks really cool. Tried new survival scenery. Radiation weapons looks nice but somewhat hard to defend against. Maybe its a good time to add logistic ships in a next expansion. spider tank formations ftw. And maybe new module that provide some bonuses for a fleet members or add ability to call primary targets for entire fleet?

  3. darn, no converging beam lasers. when will you add that in, i wonder every day…?

    but don’t get me wrong, i love the new expansion :D

  4. Cliffski,

    Purchased. Played a bit. Bored.

    Hit the key that generates a 4X layer around the tactical game, then I think there will be much renewed interest. I know you are working on it (at least 1 or 2X anyway).

    BTW, I’m not complaining. Not a bit. I’m providing useful feedback!



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