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Patch 1.34 then 1.35. Ooops

So… I did patch 1.34, which had a bunch of minor stuff that was fairly urgent, and immediately everything went wrong. I’veĀ  moved to Windows 7 on 64 bit, and that meant a new PC, and thus nothing worked. I needed to install the Microsoft Directx sdk, which is fine, but the old version I used would not install on W7. That meant getting the new version, which took 2 days to download (grrr), but installed, so I could actually debug my games again….

But it also meant that when I recompiled the game for a patch, it got automatically tied to the latest d3dx dll, which is weird because I havent changed any graphics engine code at all. It seems Microsoft defaults to requiring the latest of everything. Cheers guys.

And here it gets annoying. Because the machines I test on all have the SDK installed, I had no idea that I was suddenly needing a new (not normally installed) DLL until I released the patch and got complaints. Eeek!. I’m 99.99% sure this is fixed now with 1.35. I couldnt get the stupid-ass directx redist installer to actually install the new files, so I just recompiled the game forcing it to use includes and libs from the older SDK.

What a pain!

In other news the ‘spot the feature’ is that missile trails are going above the ship that fired them. They never used to do that. Nobody even notices when I point it out. Bah. Also, multiple-rockets now split apart in a more convincing way now, and tons of really minor stuff is now fixed. Hurrah!

7 thoughts on Patch 1.34 then 1.35. Ooops

  1. I noticed it! I had noticed that they previously didn’t the first time I started playing. Looks cool now.

  2. Hehe. Say nothing and the placebo effect would have made some of us think a lot more had changed.

  3. Cliff, theres so much gratuitous eye candy going on, I think I might’ve missed that.

    A quick question though.

    I spend ages in the design screen (easily 2/3rds), do you have any plans to add to/change the background mood music?

    Also, as I have tons of designs, the ship type select option (Cruiser/Frigate/fighter) is essential even after the race select option, but after modifying a ship and dropping back into the fleet setup screen, the ship choice design is reset to ‘all’.

    a minor quibble in the face of your current MS enduced woes.

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to gettin my teeth into the expansion pack and the SP missions!


  4. That compiling with the latest DirectX SDK requires the latest DirectX DLLs somehow seemed logical to me (:

    It’s a shame that the Debug Runtime no longer installs (_and_ is not available separately from the rest of the SDK)…

    My personal solution to this problem was to maintain the DirectX headers and import libraries in a special Subversion repository that I use to store any external libraries referenced by my projects.

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