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Spot The New Feature

It’s very minor. But what have I changed in this screenshot below?

I’m supposed to be finalizing the new expansion. I’ll do more work on that tomorrow, but I’ve resigned myself to one more patch before I release it. I needed more weapon variety for them, and that meant code changes to the main game. Then I suddenly got a bit manic and obsessed about improving the graphics in all ways. Hence, 2 days were wasted trying to add shadows (I tried various methods but none of them look right, not without re-rendering every existing ship and a major re-write) and then a decent bloom effect. In the end, I junked all that code, because it didn’t get me anywhere.  I’ve made 3 tiny changes today to some stuff which make the game look very slightly better. Overall, it all adds up methinks….

9 thoughts on Spot The New Feature

  1. Cliff, I appreciate everything you do to support and improve your games. In the gaming world, I believe you are second to none.

    No, please, for the love of Pete, finish that expansion, so that I can send you some money! :)

  2. The fighter trails… Were they there before? I can’t remember… It also looks like the missiles are “splitting” shortly after leaving the turret…

  3. Fighter trails were always there, but I was wondering about the missile initial-angle randomisation…

  4. Oh, I think maybe the ships look less plastic-y… you can see more depth via the textures. The capital ship has a much more 3d look to it.

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