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Back working on actual work…

So…. for the past few days I’ve been distracted by various things. The largest distraction was the arrival of my new PC. Hurrah! First one in three years. I can now check everything under Windows 7, 64 bit with ATI, which were the three missing links in my compatibility testing.

Of course installing a new PC means NOTHING works. It means working out why perforce won’t set its environment variables on Windows 7. It means remembering where the hell I put my precious Office 97 install CD (I refuse to pay money to upgrade ms office when office 97 does everything I need :D). And it means working out how to re-cable part of the house so that I can move the router into the office.


But now it all works! and I am back in action working on actual work stuff. For the rest of today and tomorrow I will be playtesting the new GSB expansion pack. Expect screenshots shortly before release, hopefully mid-week. Everything seems bug free, it’s just a matter of play-balancing now. Phew!

Oh and I’ve been building a log store to store the wood that keeps our house less-cold:

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  1. Indeed Cliff, ditch Office completely. Especially if you’re just using Word and Excel, OpenOffice is great. Extensible, regularly updated, just a download instead of a disc, and free unless you feel like contributing.

  2. Tease!!! I came here today hoping to see you were in the process of releasing the expansion today :)

  3. Assuming you went with Windows 7 Ultimate Edition: Windows XP Mode + Office ’97
    (Or failing that, vmware and a VM of Windows prior to 7/Vista)

  4. busy man.

    Like the log store, just got round to sweeping the chimney in our 130yr old terraced house. Although not enough room for a log store, will have to make do with a small pile and a waterproof sheet.

    Glad to hear yr at playtesting stage, I’ve yet to get some decent gametime in since the last patch as I’ve been busy and spare time has been spent watching the Babylon 5 collection I brought recently, that was a great series :o)

  5. Love that photo. It is like “it’s not finished yet (the house), but hey: the log store is ready!”. Agile home development…

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