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Variable squadron sizes

Here is the latest new feature heading for Gratuitous Space Battles:

Variable Squadron sizes, from 1 fighter up to 16.

In theory this means you could add 16 fighters and give each one different orders!, as 16 different units :D In practice I suspect it will be used to deploy smaller squadron sizes in cruiser and frigate escort duty, or to squeeze in a few extra ships when you need to use up the whole budget to beat the enemy. In terms of implementation, the squad size goes from 1 to 16 (the current default) and its accessed by right clicking the deployed ship, as a new option just for fighter squadrons. The costs and pilot requirements scale as you would expect.

This feature is in and working, I need to update the AI fleets in the singleplayer game to take advantage of this, and fight a few challenges myself to ensure it doesn’t unbalance the game badly, plus update the manual. Any suggestions or feedback on this feature is most welcome. It’s entirely optional, you can ignore it and just deploy squads of 16 fighters at a time as you do right now.

I made a list of 24 potential new features, and this one seemed relatively simple for a ncie gameplay boost in terms fo flexibility. I look forward to seeing how it is used after evrsion 1.24 is live. The other features are still in the list!

6 thoughts on Variable squadron sizes

  1. NICE! That’ll adjust the price and let us fill out the last dozen or so credits that we have in our alotment.

  2. This new feature will be a nice addition, and what are the 23 other features on your to do list?

  3. Can we possibly have more than 16 fighters in a squadron? I’m a fan of ‘big wing’ squadrons – and I can see 24-36 fighters in a squadron as a dream come true :)

  4. +1 for increased squadron size limits. Keep 16 as the default, but let it go up to something like 32. Large wings would be preferable for attacks on cruisers and dogfights.

  5. I like it! There is no need for >16 ship squads because if you wanted say a 26 ship squad, you could just make a 16 ship squad and a 10 ship squad instead. Just give them the same orders. The only difference is how tightly packed the ships are initially, and it is better for balance not to give the ability to pack them in more than is currently possible.

  6. Hey, this all looks great. I can’t wait to get my hands on the mac version! :) Just to let you know, GSB was reviewed and rated BUY IT! on the bytejacker show. Hope it brings a couple of sales your way. is a great indie game review show, with 3 free games to play and rate every week.

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