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Update at last

It’s been a while since I blogged, because a lot has been going on. Firstly there was a lot of patching and changes and so-on involving Gratuitous Space Battles. Then I grew another year older (boo!) which involved going away for a day and playing with tanks. I ended up sitting in the gunners seat of a British Challenger II tank, which was surreal, awesome, and when the guide starts talking about its planned role in nuclear war, kinda scary.

Then… I went away another night to nottinghame game city, met up with various people from game dev that I’ve met over the years, and bizzarely took part in a panel-discussion thing with feargal sharky and phil oliver from blitz games. I’d link to a video of it, but I haven’t seen it on the web yet (pls post a link if you find one).

In between all this GSB got updated to version 1.20, which was buggy, and immediately afterwards today to 1.21, which I trust is less buggy.

That version is very very very close to what I hope is the ‘final’ release version of the game. I have a playable demo setup running already (although it needs work). Don’t panic, that doesn’t mean the game will not continue to get updates and improvements, and expansions blah blah, it absolutely definitely will.

Also, in about a weeks time, I move house and knowing the incompetence of UK companies, I’ll lose internet access for a few days. It’s a busy time!