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Video TV thing

Theres a good endorsement of indie games in general (17 minutes in) here:

And of course they cover GSB very positively (which is cool). Some of the video clips are oooollllddddd, which happens quite a lot with GSB. I guess that is inevitable when you trickle out video over time.

It’s good to see people talking about the game in a mainstream discussion of games in general, rather than just a niche indie thing.

I’m working on some new stuff for GSB, in terms of a purely visual feature (more or less) for the next patch. Details coming soon. I just had a whole day of tedious businessy stuff, because it was the end of my companys financial year, which in the wonderful UK means a ton of form filling and non-games-related bullshit that takes ages. It seems I made a profit again, which is a relief :D

In other news, here is the latest promotional vid for GSB to lure in your friends to buy a copy:

8 thoughts on Video TV thing

  1. I watched the video, and then didn’t notice the text at the bottom of the video until “It runs on old PCs”. You may want to move/change the colour of the text.

  2. When there is everything perfect with the game you’re planning to make it more cool? That is not cool.. that is HOT.

  3. Looking good. Really good. It’ll lure all my friends to try it.

    (What stuff are you using to do the graphics anyway? Lemme know *all* :)

  4. it should be “watch epic space battles against ai or player designed fleets” because as far as i know we will be only watching our fleets battle not playing/fighting

  5. I like the new video, and am happy your getting some publicity.

    That being said the only thing I don’t like is the lightning(EMP stuff?) which is kinda ugly, and static. I know you love making stuff prettier so please make better lightning effects. =-3

  6. Although the text could do with being a little more obvious like Michael said, I think it’s probably a good sign that we didn’t notice it at first! :)
    We were too drawn to the action to notice the text!

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