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Wireframe/ 3D render

The load times in GSB are very short. It’s one of my pet hates in big 3D games, and I never understand why they don’t put more effort into it. I remember spending days optimising the loading for ‘The Movies’ at Lionhead.

Anyway, regardless of that I’ve decided to stick in some fun 3D/wireframe renders to the loadscreens for the game. Like this sort of thing:

One of the best things about 2D games is you can say to the 3D artist “go mad, I don’t care how many polys you use.” And he used lots :D

8 thoughts on Wireframe/ 3D render

  1. I like the idea. A lot. Only downside (which is more like 2 upsides) is that if there are short load times, we have less time to admire the epic artwork.

  2. yup, looks great — a nice chance to see the ship models really close up (you showed some a few weeks back, pity to never see them).

  3. I think putting the extra effort into making a cool loading screen pays off. It really shows when a developer has invested the time and energy into polishing every area of his game, even the parts one would assume to be the most boring.

  4. Looks rather tasty that
    You should make them available as wallpapers.

    Yeah, loading times are one of my pet hates as well.


  5. Please PLEASE include RPG elements within this game.
    something along the lines of popcaps “Plants vs Zombis” unlockables, upgrades, and monatary system will really give this game legs.

    The other suggestion would be defence tower style mode.
    Beating back wave after wave of enemies.

    Looking tasty.

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