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Kudos 2 on the Mac. DONE

Kudos 2 is now available on the Mac. As usual, I partnered with to handle porting the game, as I know little about Macs these days.

The games demo download link is here:

The buy page is here:

I’m mulling over the possibilities of an iphone port for the game, with a few people interested in doing it. I think it would do very well, but it would also need some redesign, and I don’t really have time for that right now.

Now I REALLY must get my head stuck into the space strategy stuff.

3 thoughts on Kudos 2 on the Mac. DONE

  1. I think that making such a game for iphone is a good idea. It is very polished, so it might be successful for iphone people. There are lots of potential gamers, that would enjoy it, and fall for it with some marketing (iphone tamagotchi-like game with latest technology, proved on PC, now new ready for iphones, gamers love it, you MUST have it!).

    Ok, I just think it might sell well. (And you’ll also get iphone compatibility for your code, will be useful in future, right?)

    Just do whatever you think is best, we believe in you =).

  2. Oh wow, today at work I remembered the existence of Kudos. I had never played it before, and was wondering whether I should buy it so I downloaded the demo for my work PC.

    I was quite happy when I found out that there was a Mac version (my home computer is a Macbook), I guess it must be just one of those “perfect timing” events. :D

    Anyway, congratulations on the fantastic job on both Kudos 1 and 2. Having read your post mortem, I agree that the original was too gloomy and didn’t really hand out many rewards, plus was kind of confusing. The sequel is much clearer and brighter, great job! :D

  3. Glad to see the mac port has finally come, but more glad to see you did have some genuine interest in porting it to the iphone. I remember emailing you to suggest back around Christmas and I wasn’t sure if you had dismissed the idea. Look forward to seeing the space battle game when it’s done!

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