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Games now on Direct2Drive

I’m happy to announce that three of my top selling games are now on sale through the Direct2Drive website. Here are the links:

Democracy 2

Kudos Rock Legend

Kudos 2

Working with direct2drive, stardock and gamersgate has been very easy and stress-free. I’ve been with stardock and GamersGate long enough to already have been paid. Those guys pay me directly, and quickly with no fuss, and much much faster (and at better royalty rates) than the ‘casual’ game portals. with all the insane competition to sell diner-dash re-skins, I’m glad to be moving away from the casual game genre. Kudos and Kudos 2 were never really ‘uber-casual’ but I think I’m better suited to doing the more strategic, geeky hardcore games than those next, (although i still have a very mainstream uber-casual game idea I’m holding on to).

hence that screenshot yesterday of spaceships fighting. That’s a game those 3 ‘hardcore’ portals will love.

Still no reply from steam. Ho hum.

Free Copies of Democracy 2 for Politicians

Lets face it, most politicians do a bad job. Why? partly because they are inexperienced. We witness their first attempts at running a country. Frankly, I’m sick of them making their mistakes with the country where I live when they could be making them in Democracy 2, so as of today, any elected politician on earth who emails me asking for a free copy of Democracy 2 can have one. Details are here:

And it’s been dugg here: (diggs most appreciated).

Here’s to world peace and prosperity!

This man needs help…. and help is at hand

Working on an article. Need feedback…

I’ve been writing this today:

Why your game doesn’t sell well

An article on how to look at games sales and the data and see why your game doesn’t sell as well as it should. It’s just how I visualise the sales maths working out. It’s not a finished or polished article, and needs rewriting. Feedback is most welcome. Any thoughts?