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The future? Casual? Strategy?

I’ve learned a lot from the success of Kudos, from making kudos Rock legend and Kudos 2. Especially Kudos 2. Those 3 games have taught me what polish really means, how to ship a product once it’s finished, rather than when I’ve had enough, and how to make games easy to learn and balanced enough for most players to enjoy right out of the box.

But most of the casual games out there bore me to tears. I want games that make me THINK. Not in a predictable, mechanical way like sudoku. Not just give my eyes some boring seek and find workout such as in the hidden object games. And certainly not in the click-fest time management sense.

I want a game that makes me think creatively. that challenges me to think outside the box, to evolve strategies and plans and tactics.

that’s what I hoped Kudos and Democracy did. Democracy was mroe clearly a strategy game, but Kudos was one too. My next game is all about strategy. Not TACTICS. That’s what most RTS games are about. This one will be about STRATEGY. But it will be (hopefully) as polished and accessible as the casual games.

3 thoughts on The future? Casual? Strategy?

  1. Cliffski,

    Don’t make me spam you to death !!!!

    I have your email address and I’m not afraid to use it !!!!

    I can and will post 10,000 blogs a day on this !!!!

    (Okay – so I’m a really crap programmer now and I don’t know how to launch a DOS attack on you or write a BOT anymore ( BASIC or .BAT files anyone?) but please give at least give me credit for never pirating your games)


    Everyone who wants to see a remake of this classic please post so Cliff can see how much we all want this !!!!

  2. Sorry, but I want a sequal to Asteroid Miner!!!!!! That game was awesome… “Fire…Collect….Sell…Upgrade….Repeat”. Like the best MMO’s out there lol

  3. There aren’t enough games out there that let you focus on strategy and not the tactics. Most RTS games are really more about tactics than strategy.

    The only game I can think of off-hand that does this, is Majesty, a fun game.

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