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The unavoidable Kudos 2 patch

So the game is now on sale, and a few early buyers had a horrid crash bug, which I’m hoping is now fixed. I’ve certainly fixed *a* crash bug, so I’m assuming it’s the same one, as the crashes I used to experience in certain circumstances only on my XP laptop have now definitely gone. A few minor typos and other fixes are in the new patch too.

So right now I’m uploading demos and full copies of version 1.01 and will be doing a patch for those early buyers soon. Sales have been reasonable, but not earth shattering, although it takes a few days to get going normally, and press releases and review copies have not been sent out yet.

I’m in it for the long haul anyway.

4 thoughts on The unavoidable Kudos 2 patch

  1. You might want to consider some more rebalancing in a future patch, especially the constant weight gain. When i go to bed, i don’t gain a pound a night. Also, the bus travel costs are way too high for the lower paid jobs. I was trying out the demo and i got a higher paid job that was outside the 8 mile cycle radius and it was costing me a fiver both ways. Maybe you should introduce a weekly, monthly, or quarterly bus ticket you can buy so you can get a discount like in real life.

  2. Hey! I bought this like I said I would.

    Opinion: being a doctor is HARD. it’s nearly impossible to be a junior doctor AND go to “advance medicine” school, you are too fatigued all the time. THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT == I think it’s pretty accurate, really, the stress of being a junior doctor and trying to go to school is probably too much for someone to take. Kudos to you for that. I’ve actually had to quit my doctoring position and work in a warehouse so that I can further my medicine education, pretty cool. I can imagine that balancing a game like this is nearly impossible.

    Bus fair is crazy, considering all the doctor positions seem far. But does it really cost $4-$5 to take the bus 12 miles? I don’t know.

  3. Also:


    You == Genius.

    I hope you update your Twitter more often. I get updates immediately on my phone (unlike most people) and reactions from you on the sales and perception of your game would be really swell. Twitter is a good tool for promotion, utilize it!

    Kudos does work great on my widescreen laptop (definite plus), but I can’t seem to resize the window when it’s in non-fullscreen mode. Should I be able to?

  4. im having major problems with kudos 2, lets me play for 15 minutes then crashes, im getting fed up with it and would love for someone to please just give me a website for a patch or someone to help me resolve it, thanks

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