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Kudos 2 Character Creation screen

A first look at customising the avatar for Kudos 2. This is just me going through some of the options. Once you select your avatar and play a game with them, they get saved out as a preset that the game will sometimes preselect for you later.

5 thoughts on Kudos 2 Character Creation screen

  1. Looking nice. I like the sound for the writing at the end. That and the handwriting style give it a real nice touch

  2. Nice and clean, I like it … I can’t wait to get my hands on it :)

    Btw Cliff, which resolution will the game run at? I would love to play it on the go on my mini notebook, which only goes up to 1024×600.

  3. Funny you mention that, because I’m working on widescreen support now, but 768 is the minimum height, so you may be out of luck. It does look great on 1280 x 768 though, I just tested it on my laptop.
    Theres just too much stuff to squash into 600 pixels heightwise.

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