Asset Effects for Kudos 2

August 27, 2008 | Filed under: game design | kudos

Some of the things you buy in Kudos 2 have ongoing effects that happen every day (like the newspaper its assumed you read, or owning a fast car or a pet). Some have effects that happen only when you use them (like weights or a chess set). And some have one-off purchase-time effects (like a fashionable outfit).

The problem with the ongoing daily effects is the player had no way of knowing what they are, so I’ve spent a big chunk of this morning coding this sort of thing so they can see them:

It’s amazing how long it takes to code something like that and ensure it a) works, b) looks nice and c) is bug free. It also exposes a efw other minor niggles that then needed fixing. Oh well, slow but steady progress!

5 Responses to “Asset Effects for Kudos 2”

  1. Drealmer says:

    I might just be me, but I really like the fact that everything is so clean, perfectly aligned and symmetric in all the screenshots of Kudos 2 I’ve seen so far. This gives a true feeling of polish, something I miss in so many recent games. Keep up the excellent work Cliff, I can’t wait to play Kudos 2 :)

  2. GavinClifton says:

    haha -7 happiness! That’s one bad day in the world of news :P

  3. mart says:

    i’ve tried your demo of Kudos, and enjoyed it tremendously. I decided to hold off purchasing it for now, cos I’m anxiously waiting for Kudos 2!

  4. Reliant says:

    Cool change. Maybe you could also have some randomness in it. Like a newspaper sometimes will have bad news, and sometimes good news. It would also be cool to choose from different newspapers with different effects and ranges.

    – From the Department Of Endless Feature Requests

  5. Groove says:

    Well that box is titled “broadsheet” so I’m wondering if there is a “tabloid” newspaper as well. One that actually decreases your IQ and leaves you depressed ;)