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Gratuitous Tank Battles: The Western Front Released

OK, here it is at last, I’m happy to announce the release of an expansion pack for Gratuitous Tank Battles we call ‘The Western Front‘. This is a World War 2 themed expansion for the game that adds a whole bunch of classic WW2 tanks such as the Tiger and the Sherman. There are also eight new maps to battle over, in a completely new singleplayer campaign (there is a new screen which lets you select the ‘classic’ campaign or this one. The new maps also come with new textures and props for use in your own custom scenarios. Here is the trailer:

Something new and different about these maps is that the first four are locked to the 1914-1945 technology era, meaning no lasers, no shields, no mechs. You can play them as completely straight WW2 style battles. As before, obviously you get to take the role of attacker or defender, and we have included both American and German AI attacking armies for you to play against, if you prefer the predictability of scripted attackers.

Enjoy! and for those who are gripped by a sudden urge to buy it immediately, you can grab it direct from positech here. You can see some groovy screenshots and other promotional happenings here.

Or wait a little while and it will be up on steam, and no doubt some other portals soon. Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, if you think it looks good, then please tweet about it, or link to it on facebook, or whatever cool and hip web forums you hipsters visit. Maybe even reddit?

Press types may want to grab the presskit, with screenshots from here.


6 thoughts on Gratuitous Tank Battles: The Western Front Released

  1. Will there be any signature v3 rockets for German / ultimate atomic boom for us and kamikaze plane for upcoming Japan? :P

    just kidding.. but maybe can take some inspirations from RA3 since both are alternative history, + slight Gundam style mech will be even more exciting.

    Congratulation, Cliff!

    (just a last suggestion, maybe “naval theme / maps” as 2nd expansion, I personally think U-bots are very sexy to have +some wild imagination on like “battleship movie”.)

  2. can you please just remake colonisation or lords of the realm. No more faffing around with made up new games

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