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Odd Size Monitors

I develop on a PC with 2 monitors. 1 is a 21 inch iiyama monitor and the other is a 24 inch iiyama. They are both great, but they are different sizes, and resolutions. There is a tiny part of me that thinks this is inconvenient enough to justify buying another 24 inch one. There is also the rest of me, the rational me, that knows this is nonsense.

Maybe I’m just in an irritable mood. My local council was supposed to rule on our solar-panels planning application yesterday. They did not do so. It’s still undecided, despite us originally submitting it in OCTOBER 2010, and there being zero objections.

One day, the useless, time-wasting, lazy idiots that work in such places will be thrown into the real world to get a real job in the private sector, and it will be like a hurricane has hit them.

Work trundles along on mystery next game. It looks quite nice now, and the tools almost work, which means one day I’ll have proper maps and units in there. One day, there will be screenshots. One day :D


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  1. On mismatched monitors: personally, I just get a kick out of having a non-rectangular desktop ;)

    On bureaucrats… well, thankfully they’re not Vogons! Well, wait…

  2. I’ve found that having mismatched monitors is helpful for design work, as annoying as it is for most other purposes. It forces me to think about different resolutions and aspect ratios.

    One of my alpha testers was a word processing power user that had oriented his widescreen monitor vertically. The results were laughably disastrous.

  3. I’m not working with an odd size, but once I discovered my monitor at work could pivot, I tried it in portrait mode. I switched back after a couple of days, but after I got my Android phone, I had adapted, and now I run my monitor at work in portrait mode.

    I like it for email, where I have a narrow pane for folders on the left, a narrow pane for events and tasks on the right, which makes sense, because they’re both lists, and in the middle, the top half are emails, and the bottom half is the preview. Portrait feels more natural than landscape for that layout.

    It’s also nice for code, where I can see more of the code from top to bottom, though it does limit the ability to have documentation on the side.

  4. Get 2 more 24″ and set yourself a 3-way gaming rig :)

    Glad to see here(Romania) is not the only place where public “servants” are lazy and ignorant.
    Good luck.

  5. I know it’s pretty common these days, in fact I’m certainly in the overwhelming majority (I’d wager that at LEAST 90% of people are having this very issue) but my current resolution is 5760×1080 and Kudos 2 just doesn’t quite fit to full screen (there’s some wasted space on the edges, and I just hate that).

    However I did come up with a reasonable compromise:

    SomeGuyInABikini, wondering where all the Pepsi’s gone!

  6. Hi Cliff,

    This won’t be game related but –
    It’s odd that in some European countries “green” energy is both accepted and promoted, while other (perhaps more modern) countries and societies get shafted with endless (mindless) bureaucracy.

    This isn’t uncommon in developed and industrialized (more like commercialized) countries, but the situation is made more odd by the fact that Europe is made up of so many countries connected to each other, most of which are developed.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you watch “The Age of Stupid” starring the late Pete Postlewaite. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it is interesting and somewhat entertaining for a docu/fiction/drama/mentary.

    Being from North America, I thought that even with the age of your country and somewhat intelligent people, that people there (the UK) would be more open minded to change and weathering social and environmental change especially. It’s obvious that people are still scared and afraid of change though. I guess it’s just a lack of understanding and that applies to everyone world-wide.

    Good luck getting your solar panels installed though. I really do hope it all works out for you in the end.

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