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Gratuitous Balance Tweaking

I’m back 100% on the campaign tomorrow, I’m at the stage of doing tutorial text for it, then I need some complete run-throughs. Then maybe a pre-order beta release.

I’ve also been drastically improving the games memory usage. And also some baalnce tweaking. This is what I’m likely to be changing:

Awazem loses its cost boost, gets 8% armour boost
Duwasir loses its armour boost, gets 10% speed boost
Majali reduces speed penalty from 22% to 12%
Abbadi gets an 8% armour boost
Nomadic dogfight laser damage increased to 8
Nomadic beam laser power usage reduced to 13

guidance scrambler beam weight increased to 147
EMP Shield ecm strength increased from 66 to 82
All frigate armour maxdamageabsorbable increased by 20%
EMP Missile launchers, (both types) missile speed 25% faster. fireinterval reduced 10%, ecm strength increased 10%
Decoy missile launcher weight reduced to 70

Limpet launcher limpetweight increased to 8.2, cost reduced to 110

Feedback welcome. More announcements soon, hopefully.

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  1. I’m surprised there haven’t been any comments on this.


    All those changes sound good with the exception of the EMP missile buff. EMP frigates deployed en masse is already one of the most powerful tactics in the game, I don’t think it should be made even more so. (And yes, I did notice the EMP shield was getting buffed too)

    Also, it would be really nice if the Imperial Shield Support Beam got boosted. Not to the level it was initially, but enough to make it useful.


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