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Campaign Scrappage schemes

I’ve been slightly sidetracked recently by the release of the Swarm DLC on steam (few technical issues there) and some updates to the core game which will filter through in the eventual next patch. Meanwhile, slow but sure progress continues on the fun and games of the campaign game. Here is a current work-in-progress coder art style screenshot. I’ve just finished coding the ‘scrap ships’ UI so you can scrap ships to recover some of the money. You only get 25% of the value, so it’s a desperate measure rather than a simple way to refit the fleet. It might be useful for when you have damaged ships not worth repairing, or for when you capture enemy ships that don’t suit your current fleet.

In other news, I now no longer find the big clump of black birds that live in a tree in our garden to be cute. Bastard things woke me up at 6AM this morning. I suspect they are ravens, or maybe pterodactyls. Certainly not as cute as I recall. Jack now has my express permission to get the bastards. He’s been practicing on the smaller birds. So far it’s about 5:0 to him. Nature eh?

5 thoughts on Campaign Scrappage schemes

  1. Are you going to have a ‘pre-orderers’ beta test of this before release? There are always bugs in any new program.

  2. That’s a vey inefficient ship design.. the target boosters are useless with low tracking weapons, the point defense is rubbish compared with guidance scramblers, two reflective shields are not good, replace one with a fast recharge shield. Also a single piece of low quality armor is useless, equip some ultra-heavy or none at all.

  3. Thats probably one of my test ships for debuygging. I tend to throw together any nonsense if I’m needing to test out a system in the debugger to check it works :D

    I’m pretty sure there will be some campaign mode beta testing, not sure exactly how or what yet.

    They might be jackdaws. Not sure. Need to compare the sounds of them when I get a moment :D

  4. Jackdaws are called kauw(en) where I live because that is the sound they make ( they are kinda like pokemon :P )

    they are not that hard to seperate from crows and ravens,
    jackdaws have a black topped head and then lighter grey, while ravens and crows are bigger ( all around and beaks ) and more black all around

    ( also I noticed that jackdaws tend to “group” more than ravens and crows

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