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Patch 1.31 done

I just released patch 1.31 for Gratuitous Space Battles, which has a number of minor tweaks as well as hopefully a fix for startup freezing on some machines.

I did the first 3 new ships for the next expansion today, in terms of getting them working in the game. They look pretty cool. I also have the backdrops done, and the two new weapons. Its stil a few weeks of getting all the new ships done, and the balancing of the new ship designs and weapons. Then I need two really good balanced new missions. I’m pretty sure one will be small, one big, and one has a nice nebula, the other is simpler but with asteroids.

I havent decided if one will be a survival mode yet.  Survival mode is fun, and has high scores, but skirmishes make for more challenge options. I might run some stats to see how popular each mode seems to be.

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  1. Hi! I bought GSB some months ago (and loved it). I recently revisited it, and I’m thrilled to see that it’s still being patched and improved. I think it’s great how much attention you give your game even after it’s been released. It’s a big contrast to console games, which carry so much promise for downloadable content but never seem to follow through (with the exception of endless money-draining mappacks). I’m now very excited to try Tribes and I’m looking forward to seeing what the mystery expansion carries.

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