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Fellow indies dejobaan recently did a video reponse to questions about their game, and I thought this was a great idea and shamelessly copied it replying to all the stuff people ask me by email and on the forums, then spent far too much time today playing with sony vegas movie editor. I needed to get my moneysworth didn’t I? For some reason I started ranting about star trek:

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  1. The Hourglass is a good motivation.
    I even thought about turning off my internet, to not get distracted (looking
    to News / Wikipedia articles or Forum entries wich dont help in the actual development)

    Maybe you should make a sidebusiness, selling Indi-Dev Hourglasses.

    (I’ve learned Programming an a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, hehe)

  2. Not sure if it’s an intentional comedy moment, but I found it hilarious when the programming nitty-gritty segment got abruptly cut off in the middle of a heated disquisition on z-index sorting and alpha blending. I had a vision of the editor just muttering to himself… “Christ, the only people that’ll still be watching after this are the ones that are asleep or have had a stroke.” *hits big NEXT SCENE button*

  3. It’s unbalanced to just make a bunch of ships with masses of missile launchers and spam!?

    Who would do such a thing ! [ eyes shift about suspiciously]

  4. … you had a drink between the first and second video, right? :D

    Pong and ZX Spectrum sound about right, except I was playing rather than coding. I knew I skipped a step somewhere in there.

    Good experiment, I enjoyed it!

    … I take it back, 2 drinks.

  5. You’re quite funny and watching your videos is somehow much interesting than reading blog posts :) But I have a small request – could you talk a bit ‘clearer’ (or maybe use better microphone?) – English is not my national language and I had some problems to understand you because of heavy accent (or maybe I’m just used to american accent?).
    BTW I’ll try to use the idea of hourglass :)

  6. The best way to explain why the Star Wars prequels suck is by way of analogy:

    If George Lucas of today remade Star Wars 1, it would start with 40 minutes of the Emperor giving a speech about how he’s dissolving the Imperial Senate, followed by a 30 minute powerpoint presentation where he explains the new bureaucracy that will run the empire.

    Then we’d get about an hour of Luke and Obi Wan wandering mos eisley with no plan, just hoping an opportunity to make enough money to hire Han Solo will drop into their laps.

    R2D2 would sprout a lightsaber and duel with Darth Vader while C3PO would be replaced with a CGI re-creation of Al Jolson from “the Jazz Singer.”

    And the final battle would consist of Luke climbing into his X-Wing, tripping, and accidentally bumping a button that launches a torpedo which would fly out of the hanger, exit the atmosphere, swing around the planet, and hit the approaching death star right in the exhaust port. The camera would then zoom into Luke’s bloodstream where a bunch of CGI midichlorions with big cartoon eyes would wink at the audience.

    Roll Credits.

    Total length: 3 hours without an intermission.

  7. Hey Chris,

    I liked your videos. I follow the dejobaan guys as well, and I missed their video, that you mentioned in the first video. Could you post a link?

  8. You’re my new hero, dude. I discovered your game in the PA article and when I saw the clips my fucking head nearly exploded from all the awesome. As I was reaching for the phone to call up my friend who would also go batshit crazy at the prospect of GSB it rang and it was him on the other end. He spent about 3 minutes just making laser and explosion noises.

    +1 on Sisko, btw.

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