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Gratuitous Patch 1.04

I took slightly longer over the latest GSB beta patch, because most people were at least playing the game (albeit with some sound slowdowns) so I wanted to get more fixes in this one, and not get stuck in perpetual ‘patch-a-day’ land.

Here are the fixes:

version 1.04

1) Fixed crash bug when editing a ship after clicking edit on the deployment screen from a challenge and then returning to the deployment screen

2) Added option to change the number of maximum sound channels the sound system uses in prefs.ini

3) Changed the way the ‘Attack’ orders work so now if you have no attack fighters order (for example) they are totally ignored until the enemy has nothing but fighters left

4) Added new togglable option to enable or disable pitch-shifting sounds with game speed, as possible fix for the 1.03 slowdown bug

5) Confirm dialog added for escape key on battle screen

6) Fixed a number of bugs relating to modules changing into different modules when you save and load them

7) The dialog for confirming that you admit defeat now pause the game while it is active

8) The post-battle stats window now has a button to return you to the deployment screen, as well as the main menu one

9) Re-design of the hull picker window so ships are selectable from a scrolling list, and also are sorted in both race and then ship class within a race

10) Double-clicking an order in the order-selection window now adds it

11) Changed the way shield stability recovers from disruptor bombs so it makes more sense on ships with a much larger shield system.

12) Text-edit windows for renaming stuff now behaves better, with click-split, home, end and right left keys all working the way windows does.

13) Increased variety of gratuitous ship names

14) New AI-Order ‘Keep Moving’ will keep a ship meandering around it’s current position and maintaining it’s attack range (when attacking)

15) Fixed crash bug when going from deployment to ship editor and back, then selecting one of the orders already displayed

If you pre-order the game NOW onwards, it’s already version 1.04, else it will autopatch when you start the game up. Hopefully this won’t introduce any new issues. (always a fear). The BIG changes for anyone who hasn’t encountered any crashes are the new ‘Keep Moving‘ Order for ships (useful for frigates, not applicable to fighters) and the changes to the way attack orders work, You really can now have ships that just refuse to engage fighters (unless only fighters are left). Feedback on all these changes most welcome, I know there is tons of other stuff to fix and tweak, even before I consider stuff to balance and add. That could take years!

BTW, A few people who are exchanging challenges by tweet are putting #gsb in the tweet. Hopefully this actually registers a bit somewhere and makes it look popular? :D

7 thoughts on Gratuitous Patch 1.04

  1. “3) Changed the way the ‘Attack’ orders work so now if you have no attack fighters order (for example) they are totally ignored until the enemy has nothing but fighters left”

    Awesome, thanks!

    My missiles will now rule the world, bwahahaha*boom*

  2. What news about getting it on Impulse?

    No offense Cliff, but I got burned by ‘buying directly’ before and I’m looking for a tick more stability.

  3. Thanks for the new patch :) lots of good fixes there.

    Unfortunatley it dosn’t fix my in battle sounds being extremely quiet/muffled (except interface sounds) unless i fully zoom in-

    I’m asuming fx are meant to get quieter as you zoom out? Its just like its set WAY too high. Also some sound scrambling occures but not as much as before.

    you meantioned being able to change number of sound channels in prefs ini- I was gonna change that see if it did anything but what is the command, since there isn’t one currently set in there?

  4. prefs.ini has
    sound_channels = 512
    you can try lowering that

    Also to anyone with sound issues, try disabling ‘pitch shifting’ and see if that cures performance problems.

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